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SSS Grameen Services
SSS Grameen Services
  • Business powered

    National Priorities & UN SDG

    A socio rural enterprise run with global standard by global experts.

    We provide Services, Product Innovation, Training, Manpower, Captive/Offshore operations for Indian and Global clients

    while specializing in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Business Application of IT/OT and Finance/Investment/Compliance.

    We partner with neutral and proprietary global tech/services companies.

    We aim to skill rural talent for global needs and bring global expertise to solve local problems

Our Goal & Guide

We aim
- to serve Startups/MSMEs via platter of services (by industry specialization)
- to use global knowledge to solve local problems
- to create/use local talent for global world (of opensource and proprietary)
- to create new products or to solve smart challenges while working with neutral industry forums.
- to provide rural employment powered by skilling our kids with global expertise to make them them global ready.
---- serve social sectors (pro-bono) and commercial sectors while on internship using global tech tools/partnerships
---- contribute to industry or scientific or research forums

We are honored
- to be at w chaired by Sri J.A.Chowdary
(IIT Madras,  Chairman Indian Blockchain Standards Committee, exMD Nvidia India, Chief Architect(s) of HiTech City, Hyderabad)
to be near Bengaluru (NH-44), UNESCO/Heritage sites(Lepakshi Temple, JambuDvipa, Vijayanagara Gooty Fort, Danavulapadu - Jain Heritage,  Belum Caves,  Vijayanagar Temple - Chintala Venkata ramana swamy temple, Penukonda Fort - Vijayanagara Dynasty, Hemavathi Temples, Raichur, Hampi Anegondi, Nandi Hills, Ballari Fort and Temples, Gandi Kota Canyon - Fort, Ontimitta Temple - Vijayanagara, Pushpagiri Temple,   )

You can count on us to be a responsible corporate citizen

We need blessings of Elders and the community as we aim to serve all sectors of the society
- private sectors (profit/value based services or products)
- government sector (profit/impact based services/products)
- social/NGO/last mile charity (free/cost-minus/cost based services/ products)

Let us walk towards Sustainable Future

Product Innovation

Our mandate is to develop products (take on smart challenges thrown open by Government or industry bodies). Produce independent research or IP.

We are currently focussing on ESG, Openstack based EDR/SIEM for SOC; Agri command centre; and Openstack based Data Platform to support Make-in-India program.


Operations(Captive/Offshore Delivery Centre)

We are working towards a professional, trusted, quality focussed rural back office for Indian metro or Global clients.
- Dedicated staff via our BPO/KPO ...a captive/delivery centre (your staff with us) OR (our staff for you).

As you or your clients expand, we retain capability to design/build/transfer operations to India
- we do transition processes, workflow design & optimization, system automation and vendor cost optimization, etc.,
-We also provide ancillary business support services like helpdesk, network, office build and hardware supply etc.,
- If you wish to partner with us on rural employment, we can create an offshore/captive centre with cost plus model to serve as your internal helpdesk/ testing/ integration/ product enhancement team, etc.,
- We are more than happy to help in rural employment in a place of Client's choice (India/abroad) with local support from Client.
Secretly we prefer where there is bountiful blessings of mother nature.
- We can build any operations (industry agnostic)
..but we specialize in compliance, analytics, security, IT system administration, accounting, reporting, helpdesk
for industries like Realestate, Finance, Banking, IT, Mining, Agriculture, Research, Mortgage, Insurance, Startup Investment Funds, Fund Management Companies, Logistics, Renewable Energy, etc.,

Training (Modern living)

Cater to students, professionals and enthusiasts / C level experts
- Data Science & Cyber Security Training
We focus on educating students or new professionals about potential IT risks and vulnerabilities. We train towards industry required certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) & EC-Counsil Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), CISSP, CCNA, etc.
- Students: Focused workshops and/or long-term training towards industry certification w/Live on the job training (incl social sector service) to hone their skills.
- Professionals: Focused workshops (or hand holding on new job) to help them appreciate security domain or master specific areas (like Threat Modelling, Secure Code Review, SOC IR) as they take on new roles like Sales/PMO/etc.,) or CxOs who are new to the domain (and need Interim Advisor to help them transition and take over leadership roles)

- Activities:  Conduct Hackathons; Train passionate students to participate in Bug Bounty programs

- Accounting/Compliance/Financial Management
- Trainings on COTS like Accounting Software and Compliance Software.


- Data as a Service
Data Architecture | Design | ETL, Indexing and Visualization | Analytics (incl for ERP/industry applications like REITs, Insurance); Dashboard as a Service; ESG metrics; KPI metrics

- Security as a Service
Security Architecture, Security Posture Review, Threat Risk Assessment | Secure Design and Secure Code Review (SecDLC) | Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing | SOC (Security Monitoring) and Incident Response | Offensive Security | Risk Data Science (Tools: R/Python/SPL, Splunk/ELK Stack) | Product Security (SAP, Oracle EBS, Cerner HIS, Infor, Ramco Systems, Dell HCI)

- IOT Security as a Service
IOT Security & Testing | IOT SOC (Security Monitoring) and Incident Response

- Cyber Insurance
Cyber Insurance - Terms, Tools, Support, Pricing, Risk Assessment, Underwriting

- Business Application of IT/iOT
Customized Accounting/Regulatory Compliance (MCA/FPO/Mining/RBI/Chit Fund/Nitiayog, etc.,). We aim to covers 500+ laws and 5000+ compliances covering Central, States, Municipal and Industry specific compliances | Customized Business Analysis & Reporting Services | Financial/Investment Management (Startup/ Asset Valuation / Due Diligence; - Strategies in Derivative Portfolio management; - (Pending SEBI/RBI/regulatory approvals) REIT/SEBI AIF/Startup Investments/ Debt Financing)

Training (Holistic Living)

- Human Development & Fine Arts: Research, Training (online & workshops from kids to students to connoisseurs). Target UN SDGs for a holistic human development.

- Domains of Focus include: Arts, Languages, Culture, Heritage, Yoga, Vedic/Shastra Tradition, Indigenous food/culture/folklore, TKDL, IKS India, Sustainable Forests & Bio-diversity of floura & fauna, Conservation of endangered species, Sustainable Construction & Living, Traditional & Natural Farming, Food Security, Sustainable agriculture, Healthy Food/Living, Traditional Medicine, Fair Trade, Poverty alleviation/ Sustainable economic growth, Resilient infrastructure, Sustainable industrialisation and Innovation, Build local small & beautiful economies (not migration to mega cities), Sustainable consumption & production patterns.


(w/focus on freelancers for Gig economy)
Our Sourcing Methodology: We offer unique solutions to build, integrate and manage systems across a broad spectrum of industries. We mainly focus on helping the customer in meeting critical resource requirements in Niche areas and offers customers to save costs and saves time in sourcing and training.
Large Database (w/ATS):We have extensive candidate databases, with all job seekers interviewed and screened prior to sharing with client organizations. We use industry best ATS products to meet client needs.
Dedicated Team:We have a dedicated team that studies the market to identify the most suitable talent for your organization.
International Sourcing: We have a team specifically dedicated to find candidates from around the world (esp. In India & middle east).

Resource Pool...trained students or freelancers for gig economy or a dedicated backoffice to meet client needs
- IT/OT: We provide team (System Admin/Network & Security Specialist/DBA/Printer Specialist) for placement or secondments.
- Cyber Security: We provide trained students (technically and live projects) for placement or secondments. We also provide professional freelancers
- Accounting/Compliance/Financial Management: We provide trained students (technically and live projects) for placement or secondments. We also provide professional freelancers.

Cyber Security - TARGET CLIENTS and Use Cases

1 - Corporates (Hospitals, Banking/Finance entities (Chit/MACC/NBFC/Payment Banks/Home Loan/Gold Loan), Stock/Insurance brokers, etc.,): Security as a Service, Security Datascience
2 - MSMEs: (under Cyber Rakshak, Digital India) affordable opensource cyber security tools and services
3 - NPCI TSPs, Defence SMEs, Funded/Scaling Startups: Opensource SOC as a Service (w/India specific threat intel and neutral global TI feeds)
4 - India software/hardware/product vendors: Product Security, Security by Design, Secure Code Review, Bug Hunting, Supply Chain Security, Vulnerability Testing; Hackathons, Bug Bounty

We want to solve critical problems for security product companies.
With our team of #ploymath specialists, we want to offer security product testing, trouble shooting, redesign and integration solutions. With changing landscape, compliance needs, Threat actors and context of deployment; we see a niche spot to help towards better product design and value to customer by integration with their vast IT and security landscape;
5 - MSSPs (Call centres, CA/CS backoffices, KPO/BPOs): white-labelled services for security administration/device management or monitoring or VAPT or code review or Product/Device Implementation;

Business Application of IT/iOT - TARGET CLIENTS and Use Cases

- Corporates: BPO/KPO design and operation, regional language call centres, Derivative/Hedging Management
- Agriculture (Farmer Produce Organizations(FPOs), Managed Farms, Jaivik Krishi (Desi Seeds, Bio dynamic & Natural Farming), Goshala): one-stop back-office incl compliances
- RBI /Chit/MACC/Gold Loan related entities: compliance solution- Mining: Revenue tracking, Asset Tracking, People Tracking
- Renewable Energy: Accounting & Compliances, carbon credit, ESG reporting
- MSMEs: affordable one-stop back-office
- Incubation Centres and their StartUps (w/funding and scaling) across India (under NitiAayog): affordable one-stop back-office (incl PFMAS), SEBI/IBBI accredited valuation, due-diligence, SEBI-AIF for investment/funding
Business Support Services for IT/IOT
- Administration/ Maintenance/ Monitoring of IT/Software/Network Infra; AMC, Printing & Stationery; distributed branch connectivity/internet & monitoring (NOC)
- Banking (NPCI)/Transport (MORTH)
- Agriculture (Farmer Produce Organizations(FPOs), Managed Farms, Jaivik Krishi (Desi Seeds, Bio dynamic & Natural Farming), Goshala (NDDB services)):

- Mining: Under ground data network, IOT sensors driven human/asset tracking & safety, command centre
- Renewable Energy: Datascience/IoT sensors/Drones for preventive/predictive maintenance, pre/post implementation checks
- MSMEs, Incubated StartUps (w/funding and scaling) across India (under NitiAayog): vendor neutral affordable IT/IoT solutions, network connectivity (one-stop IT backoffice)
- Government (via GeM): Administration/Maintenance/Monitoring of IT/Software/Network Infra; AMC, Printing & Stationery;